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We have just listed Mules for Series 1963-A, 1969, 1969-A,

1969-B, 1969-C, 1969-D These would have been included in my next Book.

Unfortuneately , I have given up any hope of having a 3rd book printed.

Whitman still says NO NEW Edition.


We are now offering third party graded currency!

$1 1977-A Natick Paper Test Note Fine $1,500

$1 1988 F* PMG GEM67 $1,950

Highest Possible Radar
$1 1974 E99988999E. CHCU SOLD.

$2 2003 Super Repeater
I43434343A. Gem SOLD.

$2 2003-A F* Highest Graded
F00229312* PMG GEM68 EPQ SOLD

Gold Certificate Repeater
$20 1928 A06090609A F/VF $850

$5 1928-B FRN Repeater
B68376837A CHCU $450.


If there are items that you are looking for on our site but cannot find, please contact us via email or phone.  Oftentimes items do not make it to the website listings due to us filling our customers’ “want lists” first. If you would like to send us your want list, we would be happy to add your list to our search.

First City Currency & Collectables goal is to give the best possible service at competitive prices.
We specialize in all aspects of small size U.S. currency, from one-of-a-kind errors to unique serial numbers and everything in between.

With over 31 years of experience in this field, we have the highest levels of expertise and most extensive inventory available, online or off!
You will always be satisfied as our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction.
We also have gathered information about Back Plate numbers, BEP reports, serial number ranges, and much more information.

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Before making any purchases, please read our grading standards below carefully. These grades are guaranteed to meet the minimum 3 rd party garding services for grade . Example : Gem CU will be at least GEM 65


Gem CU         Four sharp corners, security strip may have a flaw in the margin, average

                        to above average centering, superb paper quality, minor smears.


CHCU             (Choice Crisp Un-circulated) Up to 2 corners may have a bend, security

                        strip may be crimped.


CU                   (Crisp Un-circulated) Can have soft or bent corners, some light handling,

counting crease, ATM colored ink on edges and margin.


AU                   (Almost Uncirculated)  One light to moderate centerfold, heaving counting

crease, or handling.


XF                   (Extra Fine)  May have 2 or 3 quarter folds, and a horizontal fold. Still very

crisp with some circulation.


VF                   (Very Fine)  Retains some crispness, evenly circulated, fairly clean note.


F                     (Fine)  An average well circulated note with some rigidity. Can have writing,

small tears in the margins.


VG                  (Very Good)  Well circulated but whole, limp, soiled with some writing and tears.


G                    (Good)  Can have tears and pieces missing.